designing for women's health

means designing for mother earth, too.

12 ways we make that happen:

the persephone pant

is american made

  1. fabric made in the USA
  2. manufactured in Los Angeles, CA
  3. designed in Washington, DC
  4. sewers earn a living wage
  5. delivered in a biodegradable, plastic-free garment bag

our heat patches

are biodegradable

6. the heat is generated from all natural ingredients

7. air activated - no harsh chemicals, cords, refills, or electricity required

8. recyclable packaging

our packaging

goes the extra mile

9. recyclable boxes & subscription envelopes

10. tissue paper is FSC-certified, recycled paper and fully home-compostable; acid-free and printed with soy-based ink

11. stickers are 100% recyclable and compostable, and made with FSC-certified materials and soy-based inks

12. we belong to the Eco-Packaging Alliance

relief first