Free Heat Packs

Free Heat Packs

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pay what you can for up to 5 heat packs - it's that simple.

endometriosis causes an average productivity loss of 11 hours a week, creating a $69.4 billion economic burden to the US economy alone.

and living with an insidious, chronic disease like endo means that the simplest of tasks are suddenly impossible: going to work, maintaining a job, providing for a child, or simply moving from the couch or bed becomes an unimaginable daily struggle. 

and the necessary medical costs are even more shocking. through our outreach we have heard heartbreaking stories; like surprise $50,000 surgery tabs and a single surgery (of 17) costing $500,000 - to name only a few.

there's a lot of need out there. and there's too many endo warriors living with excruciating pain, crushed under the weight of medical debt looking for help to feel a some relief. that's why we're here.

why we love them:

  • at least 8 hours of heat (a whole work day!)

  • sustained heat averages between 122º - 149ºF (50º - 65ºC)
  • slim and practically invisible design

  • portable and lightweight, easy to carry in a bag

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