Women’s health is desperately behind other medical practices in the modern world.

Due to a variety of reasons like systemic gender disenfranchisement, lack of funding, and global cultural norms that prevent women from speaking out, it often feels like we’re navigating our way through medieval medicine just to find a proper diagnosis or to simply be heard.


So lets shine a light in this dark corner. Let’s spread awareness about the truly astonishing facts and figures that highlight just how far behind we are in women’s health when we’re not just delivering babies. Let’s take a deeper look at causes ranging from ovarian cancer to heart disease, and everything in between.


Our first health spotlight this week is endometriosis; a disease held deeply close to our hearts, one that inspired us to create the world’s first fashion brand to help mitigate the terrible side effects that comes with it.


While we are beginning to see women sharing their stories and dismantling previously held stereotypes that women’s health should never be discussed publicly, we still have such a long ways to go. For example - the US government gave only $13 million to research endometriosis in 2019. Compare this to the $41.6 million spent by the U.S. Department of Defense on Viagra and $84.24 million total on drugs for erectile dysfunction in 2014, and the inequality starts to become shockingly clear (and maddening).


Use any of the images below as you wish. We hope that you join us in advocating for a disease that affects millions of women around the world, but that so few have even heard of.