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about the founder

a fellow endo-sis.
It took two surgeries before I was finally told that

my chronic pain was due to endometriosis.

I fought for that diagnosis for six years. But finally hearing confirmation that the pain wasn’t all in my head gave me the mental and physical fortitude to keep pressing on.

But it was a year later that a doctor confirmed the words that sent me crying in disbelief “you just need to learn to live with the chronic pain.”

My endo became so bad only one year after surgery that she didn’t think another one would help, but that it would rather make my insides stickier. So with that (rude) confirmation, I decided my new life goal had to make the lives of myself and fellow endo-sisters a little better.

So what does it mean to live with chronic pain? From experience, i can confirm that it takes more than i could have imagined. And honestly, I don’t have all the answers yet. But that’s why I created the world’s first lifestyle brand for pelvic pain, to help other women decide what that means to them.

Whether sick of staying tethered to the couch because of the heating pad cord, or finding nothing to wear because of the dreaded endo-belly, my life’s goal is to make clothing and other considered, well-designed products that help soothe the pain and make you feel and look as fabulous as you are.

Emma Valentina is my love letter to the chronic pain community.

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