we fully understand that gynecological issues like endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, and severe menstrual cramps touch women globally.

our cysterhood travels around the world!


We love this question!

For the sake of transparency and the health of our planet, we manufacture our clothes in the United States, specifically in the state of Virginia. The employees there make a living wage, an initiative that we are so honored to be a part of.

We produce each garment with fabrics sourced in Canada and made in America, too!

This means our carbon footprint is minimal from the time we envision a garment, produce a sample, and ultimately deliver it to you.

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heat packs

the heat from each pad lasts between 8 - 12 hours, long enough for a typical work day!

each heating pad is single-use.

once you remove it from the packaging and peel the lining off, the heat is activated instantly.

each pad is virtually invisible whether attached to the inside of our persephone pant, the fabric of your underwear, or to the skin.

after you’re done with the pad, feel free to throw it away.

relief first