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Your satisfaction is always our #1 priority. Living in chronic pain is the worst, so our customer service is always the best.

The world's first pants for pelvic pain have sold out twice before. Claim yours now (with 25% off!) by clicking the "notify me when available" button.

Make way for the ultimate wardrobe staple - the little black pant.

Crafted with ultra luxurious Ponte di Roma fabric, this versatile piece offers the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication, catering to the needs of even the most agonizing pelvic pain.

With superior stretch, unparalleled durability, and a wrinkle-resistant finish, this pant is the epitome of effortless chic, transitioning seamlessly from a cozy day at home to a corporate setting with ease.

Each purchase comes with five complimentary portable heating pads, providing added comfort for those days when chronic pelvic pain strikes. With its sophisticated design and pain relief priorities, the Persephone is a true masterpiece of fashion and function. 


Keep your heat relief close with our proprietary heat patch pocket! Gone are the days when relief comes connected to an outlet. Now, it's portable.

Our proprietary design stretches up to two additional sizes to accommodate sudden bloat, swelling, or painful abdomens. No more buying maternity clothes or bringing an extra outfit to soothe your pain.

Our heavyweight Ponte di Roma fabric is what (pain-free) dreams are made of. Made to swaddle your abdomen and last a lifetime - you have enough to worry about!

Our Ponte di Roma fabric is sustainably made in the USA, putting you and Mother Earth first. Embrace a harmonious blend of style and comfort with our inclusive size range (0-30).

Pain relief can be fashionable. Our clients live with painful periods, endometriosis, adenomyosis, leg neuropathy, IBS, fibroids, POTS, chronic pain, inflammation, and more.




Pelvic pain suddenly flaring up? The Persephone is comfortable enough to nap in with wrinkle-resistant fabric.

Effortlessly go from naps to meetings with a functional silhouette that looks as professional as it does chic.


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Why We Named Her Persephone: Lessons in Feminine Duality & Fortitude

A beautiful goddess navigating life between the natural world and hell - much like living with chronic pain.

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