a fashionable way to manage endometriosis.

(we call it health-leisure)

our primary goal

is to help you show up for the world.

we exist to help women who suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain reclaim their lives again.

whether this pain stems from women’s health issues like endometriosis and fibroids to severe cramping and bloating during menstruation, every design and product we create places a barrier in this vicious pain cycle.

there is yet to exist a single clothing brand that aims to alleviate these unfortunate, common dilemmas that women are confronted with globally.

but we want to change that.

with endometriosis

heat therapy is recommended for pain relief.

but during flare ups attached to a heating pad cord, this heavily prohibits productivity and results in women losing confidence and happiness; perpetuating a demonstratively depressive narrative.

with our basic wardrobe staples that address these issues, like our signature persephone pant with heating pad accessibility, we can make life easier for millions of women around the world who suffer and who have lost hope for normalcy.

about the founder

a fellow endo sis

two surgeries, four doctors, and infinite health crises later...

relief first